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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster social cohesion and personal wellbeing through good music, great food and engaging events. We are passionate about supporting families, improving wellbeing, encouraging lifelong learning and strengthening social unity, breaking down barriers of age, class, culture and ability.

Founded in 2008, we are based in the heart of Tottenham, North London. We serve a vibrant multi-cultural, multi-generational community in which over xxx languages are spoken. Aware of the economic and social challenges that people in our community face, we aim to deliver activities and services that empower, uplift, inspire and connect people within a warm and supportive environment.

Our Story

The OK Foundation was established in 2008 to celebrate and continue the legacy of the late Olusegun Kolade Omideyi, an accomplished organist, humanitarian and ordained minister. He moved to the UK from his native Nigeria in 1969 to study music at the Royal College of Church Music, following in this footsteps of his father, Olaolu Omideyi Snr. After his graduation, he decided to settle down in North London where he started a family. For over 30 years, he dedicated his life to serving others which was driven by his strong Christian faith, immense compassion and burden for justice. He taught music to many people throughout his life and used his platform as Choir Director to teach and make classical music accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Olusegun loved cooking and in is downtime would be found at home in the kitchen he His creativity extended into the kitchen where Olusegun loved to cook up various culinary delights for his family, choir members, parishioners and those in need. He had a sophisticated palette cooking fusion Nigerian and Western dishes. The OK Foundation enshrines his legacy through its important and celebrated work in the same communities that Olusegun Kolade lived and served in.

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