“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius

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Music is an important part of our everyday lives and of the world around us: from getting dressed in the mornings to travelling or working out, from celebrations to relaxing and chilling out, music is all around us. It transcends the barriers of language, age and culture, facilitates communication and bonds people together. It is the soundtrack to our lives, evoking memories, expressing the unspeakable/emotions, affecting mood and behaviour.

Whether you want to learn an instrument or sing in our choirs, we have a range of exciting opportunities available for you. Our choirs have performed at a variety of venues including the Cadogan Hall in London. Our vocal teachers are working professionals and experts in their fields. They are passionate, supportive and committed to getting the best out of their students. Our music programmes are built with the whole family in mind. Get in touch or sign up below if you are interested in any of our group activities or private lessons.

OK Foundation Community Choir

Tuesdays at 7pm. OKF

1st Floor, 7 Holcombe Road, N17 9AA

Register to join (, enquiries: 07852 691 580

OKF Youth Choir

Tuesdays 5pm

For young people aged from 7 to 17 years old.

Rehearsals are fun and energetic with repertoire comprising mainly of classical and musical theatre. Register to join (, enquiries: 07852 691 580

West African Dance & Drumming

Tuesdays 6pm

Launched in 2019, our African Dance & Drumming class is already “drumming up” lots of excitement and interest. The class brings together our natural human impulse to move to the beat of the music whilst learning the history, traditions and rhythms of dances from various West African cultures. Register to join (, enquiries: 07852 691 580

7 Holcombe Road
N17 9AA

T: 0208 245 5106


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